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The Shark Side.

The Shark Side is a  501(3)(c) non-profit organization founded to help protect and preserve sharks and the safety and health of their habitats by raising funds to support research, education and shark-related charitable efforts.


Donations are not tax-deductible yet, but will be tax-deductible retroactive to our incorporation date of July 8, 2020, as soon as our pending IRS application is approved - which is expected by the end of August 2020.

We have to save our sharks and their environments. People think sharks are scary and wish they would go away, but don't understand the dire consequences that would occur if some of the oceans' top apex predators vanished - the delicate balance of oceanic life would be disrupted and chaos would reign.  Some species would grow unencumbered, while others would find their viability unsustainable. Humans who rely on certain trades might find themselves unable to make a living because either the tourism or fishing trade would be significantly different than what currently exists. In sum, shark survival is essential to the survival of so many oceanic species, as well as many human lives.

Funding is currently being used for:


  • Shark research projects including the study of juvenile great white sharks in Montauk, NY

  • The study of less invasive shark tagging methods that causes less trauma to the shark in the tagging process

  • Shark deterrent research

  • Other shark conservation and protection projects

The Shark Side is a non-profit organization created to help protect and preserve sharks and marine animals as well as the safety and health of their habitats.